An eye for music-an ear for detail
What can we bring to the party? A conceptual vision of how to sidestep the conventional.

A culturally diverse pool of real musicians and world percussionists. Variations on a theme that can stir the insoles of movers and shakers. An upbeat sense of style and humor than can unchain even the most buttoned-down crowd. Jazz or jump swing. Reggae or rock. Soul or Samba. Torch singers or Spanish guitarists. We know how to pull strings. Strike chords. Bump up the mood. Bring down the house.

Before you entertain a thought, consult with the creative brains behind Bill Pollack Music. From planning through production, we'll pull your next event out of a rut and into an unexpected groove.

Chicago's best dance band
When you want the event to set a unique tone, the music should transcend a one-note tune.

Bill Pollack Orchestra plays it a different way. From the look of our 14-piece band to the urban sound of our six vocalists, we break loose from the routine. Without the tired tuxedos, drowsy song list and static stage presence that can render a party dead on arrival.

We have a talent for bringing events to life. Our four-part Motown/Soul vocal group – The Connection – puts a hip Chicago twist on the Four Tops, The Temptations and Earth, Wind & Fire. Both our male and female singers take on a tune armed with charisma. When you hear any singing from this band, the lyrics will speak to your feet and you'll get up and dance!

The Bill Pollack Orchestra keeps an event moving. By spiking a warm reception with a splash of cool. By infusing fun and funk into motionless fundraisers. By unstifling a stuffy gala with a blast of fresh music.

When the occasion calls for something more spirited than the same old tune, call Bill Pollack Music, Inc. and ask for The Bill Pollack Orchestra. Find out how we can loosen ties, jumpstart pulse rates, motivate movement and bring a surge of life to the party.
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Plan for your next event!
With unique eyes and ears for thinking out of the box, Bill has become the "go-to guy" for all things creative in Chicago. From planning through production, Bill Pollack can pull your next event out of a rut and into an unexpected groove. As creative consultants we start by listening.

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